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Overview of smoking cessation 

This section is about helping clients quit smoking. While the multiple negative health consequences of smoking have been well documented and known to the public for a long time, battling nicotine addiction continues to be extremely challenging for many people, and successfully quitting often takes several attempts.

In mental health and substance use clients, rates of smoking are significantly higher than in the general population. However, addiction and mental health professionals often overlook the role they might play in helping clients quit smoking, or do not feel confident to provide smoking cessation counselling.

This section provides an overview of treatment options for smoking cessation, including counselling, pharmacotherapy, self-help and complementary/alternative approaches. It also describes smoking cessation programs and discusses the tailoring of smoking cessation approaches for specific populations. Links to additional resources and expanded discussions of topics are also provided.

In Overview of smoking cessation

Treatment options

Smoking cessation programs

Smoking cessation for specific populations and communities


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