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Aboriginal Peoples and smoking cessation 

The prevalence of “non-traditional” smoking of tobacco is high among Aboriginal Peoples, in particular among young Aboriginal adults. To provide culturally appropriate smoking cessation treatment to Aboriginal clients, clinicians need to understand the traditional use of tobacco in Aboriginal cultures.

  • CAMH's TEACH website has a repository of PDFs related to smoking and indiginous populations and other high priority groups.
  • Tobacco: A Cultural Approach to Addiction and Recovery for Aboriginal Youth (PDF) is a self-help manual for young Aboriginal people who want to become emotionally independent of tobacco.
  • The TobaccoWise website, hosted by Cancer Care Ontario’s Aboriginal Tobacco Program, is a resource for developing “tobacco-wise” Aboriginal communities that distinguish between traditional and commercial tobacco, and have the knowledge, commitment, resources and skills to deploy strategies to promote and protect the well-being of their members.

In Overview of smoking cessation

Treatment options

Smoking cessation programs

Smoking cessation for specific populations and communities


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