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Faculty Mentors 

The SAMI faculty mentors include international experts in the impact on mental health and addictions illnesses of health disparities, economics, work, social capital, racism, migration, ethnicity, physical illness and gender. The faculty also includes experts in education, knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE), philosophy and ethics, eHealth and health policy. They offer seminars, lectures and workshops during the SAMI 10-week intensive Didactic Course, individual mentorship throughout the 40-week SAMI research phase and/or present in the SAMI webinar series. A listing of SAMI's original faculty mentors is available here.

There has been significant expansion of faculty over the first 3 years, often in response to feedback from Fellows as well as developments in the field of the social aetiology of mental illness. New mentors share their expertise and knowledge to support the development of well-rounded Fellows. A listing of SAMI's new faculty mentors is available here.

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