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Shaul (Saul) Lev-Ran 

SAMI Fellow 2011-2012

Dr. Lev-Ran is a clinician-scientist specializing in Addiction Psychiatry. He completed his MD degree at Tel-Aviv University, Israel; his psychiatric residency at the Shalvata Mental Health Centre, Tel-Aviv University, Israel; and his fellowships in Addiction Psychiatry and Social Aetiology of Mental Illness at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Lev-Ran employs a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of concurrent psychiatric and substance use disorders, addressing biological, psychological and social aspects of these disorders. In addition to completing training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, he is a therapist and international trainer in Motivational Interviewing.

Dr. Lev-Ran is extensively engaged in medical education and has received awards for excellence in psychiatric teaching. He promotes client-centered approaches in medicine and in medical education and is a pioneer in integrating Motivational Interviewing in health care in Israel. He is dedicated towards educating physicians on the multifactorial aetiology and treatment of substance use disorders.

Dr. Lev-Ran’s research focuses on concurrent psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders. Particularly, Dr. Lev-Ran studies mental-health related outcomes of cannabis use. His research has been published in leading journals in the field of substance abuse and addictions and has been presented in international conferences.

Selected Publications:

View Dr. Lev-Ran's publications on Pubmed.

Contact Information & Affiliation:

Clinician-Scientist, Staff Psychiatrist and Head of Addiction Medicine.
Sheba Medical Center, affiliated with Tel-Aviv University.

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