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Understanding Psychiatric Medications 

CAMH has produced a series of brochures designed to help people better understand and make choices about psychiatric drugs. Each brochure discusses what the drugs are used for, the different types and names of drugs, their effects and their place in the treatment of mental health problems.

These brochures can be used to:

  • help people to discuss their medication with their doctor and be more involved in decisions about their treatment
  • help family and friends better understand what these drugs are used for and how they effect the people who take them.

Questions answered in each brochure include:

  • What do these drugs do?
  • How long should I take them?
  • Are these drugs addictive?
  • How do I cut down or stop taking them?
  • Will they interact with other medications?
  • What if I smoke cigarettes or drink coffee or alcohol while taking them?
  • What if I use street drugs while taking them?
  • Will taking them affect my ability to drive safely?
  • Will taking them affect my sex drive and function?
  • Is it safe to take them while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Titles in this series:

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