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Resources for your patients and their families 

New and featured

New & Featured

Strengthening Your Voice Strengthening Your Voice is a guide to train people with lived experience of problems with prescription opioid use to tell their stories publicly. It contains helpful information on
- preparing a presentation
- managing audience questions and reactions
- and paying attention to self care before, during and after a presentation.
The guide has been written for two audiences: people with lived experience of problems with prescription opioid use who want to develop skills as public speakers to educate others, and support workers who wish to offer support to their clients and others in developing and sharing their stories. It was developed with the help of both groups. Short videos on the different topics are also available.
It is available in English and French. 


Best Advice for People Considering or Taking Opioid Medications

CAMH, Dr. Mike Evans, Mercury Films and Canada Health Infoway are very proud to launch a new video that tackles the question, what is the best advice for people on, or about to start, opioid medications? Dr. Evans is known for his unique health videos with almost 6 million YouTube views.

Knowledgex video Watch the video. 

Quitting smoking is a journey

Quitting smoking is a journeyDrs. Peter Selby and Sophie Soklaridis (CAMH) worked with Dr. Mike Evans (St. Michael's Hospital) and Mercury Films Inc. to create this video what works and what doesn't work when thinking about quitting smoking.
Knowledgex video Watch the video.


The Mental Health and Addiction 101 Series

The Mental Health and Addiction 101 series are on line self-directed tutorials designed for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health and addiction topics.

Mental health and mental illness

Information is available on the following topics:

Psychiatric Medications

Substances, substance use and addiction

Information is available on the following topics:

Medications used to treat alcohol dependence

Concurrent Disorders

What are concurrent disorders?

Concurrent disorders (CD for short) generally describes a situation in which a person experiences a psychiatric disorder and either a substance use disorder and/or a gambling disorder. It is important to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of problems that are covered by these various terms (psychiatric disorder etc); as a result, CD presents itself in many different forms. Read more...


For more resources, check the online CAMH publications catalogue.

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