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Psychiatry in Primary Care: A concise Canadian pocket guide 




David S. Goldbloom

1. The art of the brief psychiatric interview in primary care
Jon Davine

Clinical situations

2. The patient who is depressed
Raymond W. Lam

3. The patient who is manic
Roger McIntyre

4. The patient who is anxious
Richard Swinson

5. The patient who is somatizing or is bodily preoccupied
Susan E. Abbey

6. The patient with a substance use problem
Agnes Kwasnicka and Peter Selby

7. The patient who is psychotic
George Foussias and Z. Jeff Daskalakis

8. The patient with an eating disorder
David S. Goldbloom

9. The patient with a personality disorder
Michael Rosenbluth

10. The patient with dementia
Kenneth le Clair and Dallas Seitz

11. The adult patient with ADHD
Umesh Jain

12. The patient with a sleep disorder
Colin Shapiro, M.R. Goolam Hussain and Dora Zalai

Special topics

13. Assessment and management of suicide risk
Marilyn A. Craven, Paul S. Links and Gregor Novak

14. Psychotherapy in primary care
Ari E. Zaretsky

15. Disability and insurance claims in primary care
Ash Bender

16. Child and adolescent psychiatry
Alexa Bagnell

17. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
Shaila Misri and Anna Lehman

18. Parenting issues
Ellen Lipman and Brenda Mills

19. Improving collaboration between mental health and primary care services
Nick Kates and Marilyn Craven

20. Supported self-management for common mental health problems
Dan Bilsker and J. Ellen Anderson

Appendix: Sources for shared care, telecare and telepsychiatry


The Editors

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