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Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Community Planning Guide 

The MMT community planning guide is a manual offering guidance to communities across Ontario on how to raise awareness of the benefits of methadone maintenance treatment and how to develop and integrate effective treatment services in their community.

“From the time before the MMT program opened to today, it is the voices of our champions that are being listened to. The difference today is we now hear happy voices, see healthier individuals and families and interact with people who no longer merely exist but enjoy life again.” — MMT program director

Please note: In the process of posting this CAMH publication online, links to external sites were reviewed. In those cases where links have changed or are no longer in use, they have been deleted from the HTML (web page) version, but remain in the PDF versions. As a result, not all web pages will exactly match their PDF and print counterparts. The PDF versions will be updated if and when the print version is updated. We apologize for any inconvenience.




About methadone maintenance treatment

Getting ready

Establishing a community working group

Engaging the community

Developing a methadone maintenance treatment program

Implementing the program

Evaluating the program

Appendix: Do You Know... Methadone



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