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Guideline 7: Adopt multiple interventions 

From: Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Older adults 55+ (© 2010, 2011 CAMH)

Adopt multiple interventions by:

  • planning a comprehensive approach using multiple strategies, which include identifying gaps and barriers in services, building healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening community action, developing personal skills, reorienting health services, and developing and building new social networks.
  • using strategies to reach multiple audiences in formats appropriate to their needs and preferences
  • using strategies that reinforce each other to reach a common goal
  • using a range of strategies, such as outreach, home visiting, active lifestyle programs, empowerment, participation and lifelong learning.

Examples of interventions include:

  • community social events (e.g., informal social gatherings, information sessions)
  • caregiver support groups
  • self-help groups to help older people handle stressful life events
  • skill-building workshops (e.g., behaviour management, anger management, lifestyle, language, physical activity)
  • workplace policy (e.g., to provide retirement planning, to prevent ageism)
  • community engagement (e.g., links between the community and senior centres and residences)
  • programs for older adults in libraries and other community settings
  • intergenerational activities
  • home visits
  • telephone counselling
  • train-the-trainer models.

For illustrations of this and other guidelines in practice, see examples of programs that incorporate good practices.


In Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Older Adults 55+

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