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Aging Well and Healthy 

From: Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Older adults 55+ (© 2010, 2011 CAMH)

Goals and objectives

  • to assess the effect of a short health promotion program on the health and physical activity of first-generation Turkish immigrants to the Netherlands


Aging Well and Healthy was a short-term health promotion program consisting of health education and physical exercises. During the workshop session, participants were provided with general medical information as well as information about nutrition, physical and mental health and endurance, and symptoms related to aging. In addition, a low-intensity exercise program was delivered (Guideline 5).

The program was highly attentive to cultural and social diversity. This was shown in its adaptation to the Turkish culture, the use of Turks as peer educators and the provision of information in Turkish. For people with low literacy, information was provided via pictures and symbols (Guideline 8).

During the intervention, organizers evaluated each session with the health educator and the exercise instructor. Finally all organizers, health educators and exercise instructors were interviewed on the quality of the program (Guideline 11).

Additional information

Start date:


Guideline 1: Audience, specific populations

  • Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands aged 45 and over   

Guideline 2: Protective and risk factors, and determinants of health

Risk factors

  • low socio-economic status
  • low educational level
  • language barriers
  • illiteracy

Determinants of health

  • social status
  • ethnocultural background
  • gender
  • health services   

Guideline 3: Multiple settings

  • welfare services in six Dutch cities   

Guideline 7: Multiple strategies

Guideline 9: Multiple stakeholders

  • social workers
  • physiotherapists
  • health educators  

Guideline 11: Evaluation

  •  yes

Learn more:

Reijneveld, S.A., Westhoff, M.H. & Hopman-Rock, M. (2006). Promotion of health and physical activity improves the mental health of elderly immigrants: Results of a group randomised controlled trial among Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands aged 45 and over. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 57 (6), 405–411.  


In Best practice guidelines for mental health promotion programs: Older Adults 55+

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