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Resources - Initiative Development / Implementation 

From Culture Counts: A Guide to Best Practices for Developing Health Promotion Initiatives in Mental Health and Substance Use with Ethnocultural Communities (© 2007 CAMH)

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Community Readiness

  • Title: Community Readiness
  • Author: Barbara A. Plested, Ruth W. Edwards and Pamela Jumper-Thurman
  • Web Host: EMS Update
  • Country: USA
  • Format: PDF


  • Title: Guide to Project Evaluation: A Participatory Approach
  • Author: Donna Denham and Joan Gillespie
  • Web Host: Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Country: Canada
  • Format: HTML; also available in French
  • Description: This guide includes “a framework to guide the step-by-step process of developing effective evaluations; activities to introduce and plan for project evaluation; examples demonstrating the application of the evaluation framework to health promotion projects.”


  • Title: EVAL--Evaluation made Very easy, Accessible, and Logical
  • Author: K. Farrell et al.
  • Web Host: Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health
  • Country: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: “Includes a brief outline of how to do a needs assessment; four evaluation frameworks; and guidance for disseminating your findings.”


  • Title: Using Stories in Evaluation
  • Author: Center for Collaborative Planning
  • Web Host: Center for Collaborative Planning
  • Country: USA
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: The value of including community stories in evaluations and ways to do it.

Information Gathering and Analysis

  • Title:
  • Author: Survey Monkey
  • Web Host: Survey Monkey
  • Country: USA
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: Create an online survey quickly and easily. The free version allows you to ask up to 10 questions per survey.


  • Title: Café to Go
  • Web Host: The World Café
  • Country: USA
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: Use a café format to encourage informal discussion.



  • Title: Dotmocracy
  • Author: Jason Diceman
  • Web Host: Co-op Tools
  • Country: Canada
  • Format: HTML/PDF
  • Description: “[An] equal opportunity & participatory group decision-making process.”


  • Title: Finding Canadian Statistics
  • Author: University of Toronto Data Library Service
  • Web Host: University of Toronto
  • Country: Canada
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: List of sources of Canadian statistics.



  • Title: Statistics Canada
  • Country: Canada
  • Format: HTML/PDF; English/French
  • Description: Main source of statistics on the Canadian population.



  • Title: Research Methods Knowledge Base
  • Author: W.M.K. Trochim
  • Web Host: Web Center for Social Research Methods
  • Country: USA
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: An introduction to social research methods written in a conversational style.

Needs Assessment


  • Title: The Partnership Handbook
  • Author(s): Flo Frank and Anne Smith
  • Web Host: Human Resources Development Canada
  • Country: Canada
  • Format(s): MS Word document, PDF
  • Description: Handbook “to help people learn more about what community-based partnerships are and to offer suggestions about how to be effective in them.”


  • Title: Developing and Sustaining Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships
  • Author: The Examining Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research Group
  • Web Host: University of Washington
  • Country: USA
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: This self-directed tutorial relates to developing community-based partnerships for research, but much of the advice could be applied to partnerships for health promotion as well.


  • Title: Building Strong and Effective Community Partnerships
  • Author: Sharon Skage
  • Web Host: National Adult Literacy Database
  • Country: Alberta, Canada
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: This guide is aimed at creating family literacy programs but much of the information could apply to forming and maintaining community-based partnerships for health promotion projects.




  • Title: Building Partnerships to End Violence Against Women
  • Author: Community Coordination for Women’s Safety Project Team
  • Web Host: BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs (BCASVACP)
  • Country: British Columbia, Canada
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: This guide is based on the issue of violence against women, but many chapters could be applied to any community-based partnership.

Project Planning/Management/Organization

  • Title: Pink Book: Making Health Communication Programs Work
  • Author: National Cancer Institute
  • Web Host: National Cancer Institute
  • Country: USA
  • Format: HTML; also may purchased on CD.
  • Description: Step-by-step guide for planning and producing a health communications program.


  • Title: Involving the Community—A Guide to Participatory Development Communication
  • Author: Guy Bessette
  • Web Host: International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  • Country: Canada
  • Format: HTML, PDF; also available in French
  • Description: This guide is directed at those involved in international development research projects, but much of the advice could apply to local community-based projects. See especially chapter on “Tools.”


  • Title: URP Toolbox
  • Author: Urban Research Program, Griffin University, Brisbane, Australia
  • Web Host: Urban Research Program, Griffin University, Brisbane, Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: Describes strengths and weaknesses of numerous “community involvement tools,” along with case studies of their use.


  • Title: “Ground Rules and Agreements”; “Making Meetings Work”
  • Author: Center for Collaborative Planning, Public Health Institute
  • Web Host: Center for Collaborative Planning, Public Health Institute
  • Country: USA
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: Quick guides to using agreements for smoother working relationships and running effective meetings.


  • Title: Action planning
  • Author: CIVICUS
  • Web Host: CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Participation):
  • Country: South Africa
  • Format: MS Word document
  • Description: A step-by-step guide to creating an action plan/work plan.


Translation and Plain Language

  • Title: Plain Language Association International
  • Author: Various
  • Web Host: Plain Language Network
  • Country: Canada (and others)
  • Format: HTML
  • Description: This site is full of resources for learning how to use plain language, including the beginners’ tutorial, Plain Train.


  • Title: The Health Literacy Style Manual
  • Author: Penny Lane, et al.
  • Web Host: Covering Kids & Families National Program Office, Southern Institute on Children and Families. Country: USA
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: Advice on planning, writing and translating health education materials that are easy to understand and use.





  • Title: Translation: Getting It Right
  • Author: American Translators Association
  • Web Host: American Translators Association
  • Country: USA
  • Format: PDF
  • Description: Tips on preparing a document for translation and hiring a translator.


  • Title: Language Access
  • Author: DiversityRx
  • Web Host: DiversityRx
  • Country: USA
  • Format: HTML

In Culture Counts: A Guide to Best Practices for Developing Health Promotion Initiatives in Mental Health and Substance Use with Ethnocultural Communities

About this guide

Chapter 1 – Break down barriers

Chapter 2 – Work with community partners

Chapter 3 – Gather and analyze information

Chapter 4 – Plan the initiative

Chapter 5 – Translate and adapt

Chapter 6 – Put the plan to work—and keep it working

Chapter 7 – Follow up





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