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Health Equity for Health Care Providers 

Health Equity is a key component of quality care. Health Links are designed to provide care that is integrated and patient-centred, which includes consideration of a broad range of factors that influence health status, including health equity. Health Links have been working together to respond to these issues, including engaging partners outside of the health system to accomplish this task (for example, partnering with a local foodbank to address food security issues). This is part of a growing effort across health care provider groups to leverage best practice and best evidence to deliver care which is equitable and responsive to the needs and challenges facing patients, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized.

To support these efforts across the health system, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has introduced tools and resources including the Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) tool. The health sector has also been active in the development of best practices and resources to respond to health equity. In collaboration with CAMH, this site has been established to facilitate a 'one-window' approach to connect Health Links and other health care providers with health equity tools and resources including HEIA.

CAMH Partner Profile

CAMH has a history of being a champion for health equity and has made a long-term organizational commitment to reducing disparities in mental illness and treatment in marginalized groups.

The CAMH Health Equity Office helps ensure that factors such as gender, race, ethnic background, ability to speak English, sexual orientation, immigration status, income and education do not affect a person's access to or the outcomes of timely, appropriate and high-quality care.

The CAMH Health Equity Office has been involved in a number of equity-focused initiatives including the Tri-Hospital Health Equity Data Collection Project, Language Services Toronto and the Symposium towards Canadian Health Equity Standards.

Working with systems partners including MOHLTC, we support equity-based improvements within the broader health sector to help drive social change. Examples of such initiatives include the HEIA online course and Community of Interest.For more information about the Health Equity Office ‘s work, read the 2011-2013 Report.

CAMH is one of the partners in Mid-Toronto West Health Link.

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