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Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma 

 Title Description Keywords
Burnout, vicarious traumatization and its prevention What is burnout, what is vicarious traumatization? This article provides a review of studies on burnout and vicarious trauma, including contributing factors, signs and symptoms, preventive measures, and implications for caregivers, politicians, social insurance carriers, and healthcare system planners. Clinical, Burnout, Trauma, Prevention
Guidebook on Vicarious Trauma Recommended Solutions for Anti-Violence Workers. This guidebook is focused on those people who have chosen to dedicate a time in their life to work with abused women, children, and their abusers. It explores the unique experience of anti-violence workers in Canada, with suggestions and resources for supportive positive renewal and self-development to promote individual, professional, and organizational solutions to support them.

Guidelines, Clinical, Women, Abuse

The ProQOL website The ProQOL website contains theory and a variety of tools and measures for professional quality of life elements. The model contains positive (Compassionate Satisfaction) and Negative (Compassionate Fatigue) parts of helping others who have experienced suffering.   Online resource, Clinical, Guidelines

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