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Screening Roadmaps for concurrent disorders 

There are numerous options for screening for concurrent substance use and mental health problems. CAMH researchers have developed Roadmaps – one for substance use and one for mental health – that are intended to help clinicians find the options that best suit their situation.

Each Roadmap consists of a set of seven issues and associated questions. The Roadmaps begin with general questions that would be appropriate for a first interview with a client and move on to more detailed questions that probe for information that helps build a more in-depth, individualized picture of a client’s issues and needs.

These Roadmaps are designed to help clinicians explore the possibility of concurrent mental health or substance use problems. They are intended to complement, not replace, interviews and/or screening and assessment tools.

For more information about these screening Roadmaps, see CAMH’s guide Navigating Screening Options for Concurrent Disorders.



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